Your plugin works really well with our theme. Is there anyway to remove the shadow effect from the text? I can't see a setting to do this. Is there something I can add the the css?
Thank you :)

Metin ┼×aylan

This depends on theme you are using. But you can try this css code:
<pre>ul.dropdown li a{ text-shadow:none!important; }</pre>
If that doesn't work, please share a link to your site.

Kelli Roig

I'd like to know how to display my categories with the list of associated posts showing beneath the category names. Can get one or the other, but not both. Thank You. K. Roig


I do not see a way to modify line or letter spacing. Am I missing this somewhere?

Metin ┼×aylan

You can use CSS to set letter spacing. See how to set it here: https://www.w3schools.com/cssreF/pr_text_letter-spacing.asp

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