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Adsense widget allows you to use it in your posts with shortcode. Basic shortcode syntax follows:

[adsense userid="pub-xoxox" type="banner" align="none" slot="xxx" channel="xxx"]

All the arguments are optional. By default [adsense] only displays banner with no slot & channel id, align class to none. Shortcode accepts following values for type:

  • leaderboard : A wide banner with 728×90 pixels in size.
    [adsense type="leaderboard"]
  • banner : Regular banner with 468×60 pixels in size.
    [adsense type="banner"]
  • half-banner : Small banner with 264×60 pixels in size.
    [adsense type="half-banner"]
  • button : Square banner with 125×125 pixels in size.
    [adsense type="button"]
  • skyscraper : Vertical banner with 120×600 pixels in size.
    [adsense type="skyscraper"]
  • wide-skyscraper : Vertical banner with 160×600 pixels in size.
    [adsense type="wide-skyscraper"]
  • vertical-banner : Vertical banner, 120×240 pixels in size.
    [adsense type="vertical-banner"]
  • small-rectangle : Rectangle ad unit, 180×150 pixels in size.
    [adsense type="small-rectangle"]
  • small-square : Square ad unit, 200×200 pizels in size,
    [adsense type="small-square"]
  • square : Square ads in 250×250 pixels,
    [adsense type="square"]
  • medium-rectangle : Rectangle ad unit – 300x250px,
    [adsense type="medium-rectangle"]
  • large-rectangle : Large Rectangle ad unit – 336x280px,
    [adsense type="large-rectangle"]
  • links728 : Link Unit 728x15px,
    [adsense type="links728"]
  • links468 : Link Unit 468x15px,
    [adsense type="links468"]
  • links200 : Link Unit 200x90px,
    [adsense type="links200"]
  • links180 : Link Unit 180x90px,
    [adsense type="links180"]
  • links160 : Link Unit 160x90px,
    [adsense type="links160"]
  • links120 : Link Unit 120x90px.
    [adsense type="links120"]

Align adds a class to the container <div>, if your theme doesn’t support aligncenter, alignleft and alignright classes then this option won’t work.

See adsense widget help for more information on slot id and channel id values.

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