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Shortcode to display content for Mobile or Desktop visitors only

Did you know that WordPress has a mobile detect function already. In this post we will show you how you […]

Bootstrap fixed navbar fix for WordPress admin bar

When you are using Bootstrap fixed navbar on your themes, it will be hidden under admin bar of WordPress. This […]

How to remove WordPress dashboard widgets

WordPress dashboard is a collection of tools that gives you quick acess to most used areas of your blog. It […]

Speed up your website using .htaccess file

.htaccess is a magic file that tells apache to how to serve files in a directory. It is the most […]

HOWTO: Display WP search term in searchbox

There are many great themes in the WordPress universe. But most of them need some fix to offer the best […]

How to enable comments for all posts in wordpress

I had a problem with my blog recently, that some plugin was disabling comments for older posts. Editing all posts […]

How to fix common RSS feed errors in wordpress

WordPress plugins & themes sometimes may break down your xml structure. XML is so strict that it doesn’t accept any […]

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