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[How to] Change Environment for ASP.NET Core on Windows

ASP.NET Core simply takes value of ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT system variable for running applications on server. On Windows, you can either add/update this […]

[How to] Create bootable SD card for Raspberry PI

Raspberry PI comes with NOOBS operating system installer by default. But, if you want to use another OS or create […]

[How to] Disable Windows Defender Service Using Group Policy

If you are confident with your computers security, you can disable Windows Defender to free up some system resources.

Dos Batch to Organize Photos By Date

Painless organization of your mobile photos by date

Windows Batch to Clear Your Desktop

A simple windows batch file for cleaning files on your desktop

Typora : a minimal markdown reading & writing app

Typora will give you a seamless experience as both a reader and a writer. It removes the preview window, mode […]

Samsung Smart Switch Kurulum Hatasını Düzeltme

Eğer Samsung Smart Switch™ programını yüklemeye çalışırken “Uygulama yan yana yapılandırması doğru olmadığından başlatılamadı” şeklinde bir hata alıyorsanız tek yapmanız […]

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