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String Extension Method to Convert a String to Title Case in VB .NET

If you are regularly doing an operation on a common type, extension methods are a great way to create shorthand […]

vb.net PrintDocument custom paper size

While using PrintDocument class for printing on vb.net, It won’t allow you to change PaperSize Width and Height values. In […]

VB.NET: How to prepare a string for valid file name

If you are going to use an input text as a file name, you have to check if the string […]

New Project : DraftCheck

This simple software gives you displacement value for draft readings abaft, and fore side. All it needs is a hydrostatic […]

How to modify a control using its name in vb.net

To achive this we can simply use Find method of ControlCollection Class: For each txtBoxName in draftTextBoxes Me.Controls.Find( txtBoxName , […]