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Periodic table of Programming Languages

Visualization of the evolution of popular Programming Languages

Premature Optimization, is the root of all evil!

In DonaldKnuth’s paper “Structured Programming With Go To Statements”, he wrote: “Programmers waste enormous amounts of time thinking about, or worrying […]

Python Advanced Tutorial 6 – Networking

See more awesome tutorials about Python on DrapsTV Channel

VB.NET: How to prepare a string for valid file name

If you are going to use an input text as a file name, you have to check if the string […]

Mapping shared folders as network drives using VBsript

If you are working on a file-server, you will need a better way to share folders: that is Network drives. […]

Batch: Backup folders using Winrar

Using a DOS batch you can easily schedule daily or weekly backups on your computer. Here i will show you […]

LspCleaner 1.1.2

LspCleaner is a small application to clear lisp files on your computer. This new version shows a detailed report with […]

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