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Subpages Extended Update 1.3.4

Just updated SubPages Extended to output links with rel attributes now. If you want to list #subpages using rel=nofollow simply […]

Twitterify plugin now available from wordpress.org

Twitterify #plugin is now available from wordpress.org. You can install it using search on your admin panel, or you can […]

Shailan Theme Framework – First Release

I just added first version for #shailan-theme-framework. If you wanna start designing your own #all-widget #themes, you can get the […]

New plugin : Twitterify

I just released a new #plugin, to make it easier linking hashtags (like #wordpress), author links (like @shailan) and URIs […]

Superfish Dropdown Menu Update v1.1

Just released v1.1 for the Superfish Dropdown Menu. Home, login and admin links were appearing on the menus even if […]

Superfish dropdown menu update

Fixed superfish dropdown menu widget problems now. Also added option for hiding menu shadows. Get the latest version here.

Twentyeleven theme minor fixes

I made some minor fixes to twentyeleven theme. Now it works fine with dropdown menu widget. Download the new version […]