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If you want to select items on your drawings in a fast way, this is the perfect lisp for you. Select all text, dimensions, objects at once using custom selection commands. Great help if you work on AutoCAD.


Selections.lsp adds quick selection commands to AutoCAD. Quick selection commands will allow you to select all entities of a certain type (Lines, dimensions, text etc.) at once. Just run the command and let the AutoCAD select them for you.

Commands available in the package:

  • selAll: Gives a menu to select items of your choice.
  • selLines: Selects all lines in the drawing.
  • selPlines: Selects all polylines in the drawing.
  • selCircles: Selects all circles.
  • selText: Selects all text on the drawing.
  • selMtext: Selects all multi-line text on the drawing.
  • selMLeader: Selects all multi-leader on the drawing.
  • selDim: Selects all dimensions on the drawing.
  • Bonus: selColor: Allows you to select items by color code.

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