LspCleaner 1.2.4

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This simple application helps you to get rid of acaddoc.lsp files and acad.lsp files generated by acaddoc worms. Just run the application and click Auto Scan button. LispCleaner will clear all necessary folders. Scan Folder option allows you to select other folders for clean up.


LspCleaner is a small application to clear acaddoc.lsp and acad.lsp (ALS/Bursted) viruses from your AutoCAD lisp files. To start the clearing process, just press “Auto Scan” button. Application will scan all the Autocad related folders and it will remove virus data from the lisp files. If you want to scan a specific folder just use “Scan Folder” option.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is LspCleaner?

LspCleaner is a tiny windows application to remove acaddoc.lsp worm from your Autocad lisp files. Unlike many antivirus software, it doesn’t delete all of your lisp files, instead, it only removes worm affected parts of the files and also makes backups.

Can I clean my PC manually?

Sure, you can clean your PC manually, but if you accidentally open an Autocad file in a folder where acaddoc worm exists, your lisp files will be infected again. Using LspCleaner you can create a simple task to clean your pc daily, so you won’t have to deal with this any more.

Can I use LspCleaner on shared folders?

Yes, using LspCleaner you can also scan and remove acaddoc.lsp viruses on shared folders. But you should also run LspCleaner on all computers accessing that folder. Because worm attacks directly on local computer Support folders. So cleaning only shared folder is not enough.

Can I use LspCleaner for Business?

Yes, you can use LspCleaner to clean business computers.

Acaddoc.lsp virus slows down your computer and creates acaddoc.lsp files everywhere!



This simple tool cleans all your lisp files and removes all existing copies of acaddoc.lsp files. It is a total Life-Saver!

Need more information? Read more about LispCleaner here.

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