Category: Updates

A new is on its way! is now for sale. Since I don’t have time to update it anymore, I decided to sell it to […]

MarkDown Reader LT is now on Sourceforge

Markdown Reader LT is a windows desktop application for viewing markdown files (.md extension) with double click. Markdown Reader LT […]

Goran theme color customizations CSS

I recently switched my site theme to Goran which is really elegant and readable. However this theme lacks color customization feature. […]

My new android app Ship Propulsion LT is on beta now!

Ship Propulsion LT is an android application that estimates ship resistance and required propulsion power for required speed. It currently […]

B-Dday Wishlist 2014

Yaklaşan doğumgünüm için kısa bir piyasa araştırması yaptım ve kendime alınabilecek bir kaç hediye buldum. İşte günlerdir beklenen o liste: […]

Export polyline points rhinoscript now available!

Export polyline points rhinoscript, exports points of a polyline in order. Rhinoceros has a feature to export points as a […]