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Grasshopper – Interface Basics

This is the first lesson that will help you to get started with Grasshopper. In this video you will learn […]

RhinoNest for Grasshopper version 0.4 released

RhinoNest is the leading plate nesting plugin for Rhinoceros. They just released new version 0.4. Below you can watch their […]

Creating a tripanel system using grasshopper

Grasshopper is great when it comes to iterative model generation. In this tutorial you will see how to turn a […]

Introduction to Grasshopper

Learn about how to use the Grasshopper scripting plug-in for Rhino.

Plotting a 3 variable function using Grasshopper in Rhino

Creating a sine curve through the use of a range in grasshopper. Then controling the curve with a multi variable […]

Grasshopper Intro Part2

In this video tutorial we will continue with the introduction to grasshopper. Rather then using numbers we start to make points and get a sense of how the components make geometry.

Grasshopper Workshop : Data Matching

This is the thrid video from the 3-Day Workshop at Virginia Tech. It covers how Grasshopper handles data matching amongst many other things. Fair warning, they were testing the fire alarms during the recording and you can hear them going off around minute 5 and minute 10, pretty funny.

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