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[Snippet] MySQL Function to Strip HTML Tags

Unfortunately, there is no core function to strip HTML tags from a MySQL field. But, if you really need this […]

[How to] Change Environment for ASP.NET Core on Windows

ASP.NET Core simply takes value of ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT system variable for running applications on server. On Windows, you can either add/update this […]

Periodic table of Programming Languages

Visualization of the evolution of popular Programming Languages

Windows Batch to Clear Your Desktop

A simple windows batch file for cleaning files on your desktop

How to add a user to WordPress programmatically

In a recent development project I needed to add a user to WordPress programmatically because I had no WP user […]

LispCleaner is on SourceForge now

LispCleaner is available for download on SourceForge now. It is totally free and cures most of the lisp virus infections […]

DOS batch to zip archive and delete folder using 7zip

Save following commands to a text file and save it as archive.bat : @echo offf echo 7za a -r -tzip […]

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