I am using Outlook daily for my business mails. And recently, I got this error message that was preventing Outlook from starting up.

The time limit for logging on was reached while waiting for system resources. Try Again.
MAPI 1.0 [000004C2]

If you are getting this error message, the most probable reason is that the resource Outlook is trying to access is used by another Office Suite application.

How To Solve Outlook Not Starting Error

The first thing to try is always restarting your computer when you face an issue like this. When you restart your computer, all applications are closed and all resources are released automatically. That is why restarting your computer generally helps with application resource issues.

If restarting your computer didn't solve your issue, the next thing you should try is closing any other Office Application running. Some office applications like Skype are not always visible on Taskbar. You can find their icons in the notification area near Taskbar clock. Expand this area and exit the applications by right-clicking on their icons. This should solve the issue if the resources are used by Skype or similar office applications.

The last thing to try for fixing this issue is Task Manager. You can view Task Manager by right-clicking your taskbar and selecting "Task Manager" from the right-click menu. On the Task Manager screen click "More Details" to see all tabs. Select the Details tab and on the details list look for Skype or Lync applications. If you see Lync.exe running, right-click the application name and select "End Process". Also, if there are multiple Outlook.exe items on this list, end those processes using the same approach. This should shut down the running application and free up its resources. Then you can try running Outlook again to see if this solved the issue.

I hope this guide helped you to solve your issue. If you liked this guide please share it.

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