Got USB Formatting tool? If you are looking for a USB formatting tool, you may find many of them when you do a search on Google. But which one is the best to format your USB drive fast and secure. And a more important question; Do you really need one? In this post, you will find my suggestions for formatting your USB, quick and easy way. Let’s start.

What is Formatting?

Formatting a drive means erasing all the information on the drive. It has two different methods;

  1. Quick formatting: only deletes file references on the drive, but doesn’t reset all sectors on the drive to zeros. Those sectors are generally overwritten by new files in time.
  2. Regular formatting: this option literally erases all data on the drive. Because not only it will remove file references from the File Allocation Table (FAT), but it also resets all sectors to zero.

Do I need a Formatting Tool?

Most of the cases you don’t need any formatting tools. Windows has a really handy right-click option to format your USB drive. If you want to format your drive using FAT, exFAT or NTFS file systems, and don’t need any bootable features, then that is the perfect formatting tool for you.

But, if you need a bootable USB drive, you can read my post here: [How to] Recover Windows Boot Using Linux USB Drive to create a bootable USB drive.

How to Format USB drive using Windows

In order to format your USB drive using Windows, just follow these steps:

  1. Open My Computer screen (Windows + E)
  2. Right-click your USB drive
  3. Select “Format..” option from the menu
  4. !!Make sure that you have selected the correct drive from Format Window Title!!
  5. Select NTFS if you are only using Windows, exFat if you are using both Mac and Windows.
  6. Select “Default Allocation Size” for the allocation size.
  7. Check “Quick Format” if you are in a hurry, leave it if you are not.
  8. Click “Start”

Formatting will close all open windows for that drive and it will show you a progress window. After the progress is complete you can use your all-clean USB drive as you like :)

I hope this quick guide helps you to clean your USB drive easily using Windows formatting. If you have any issues or any additions, please leave a comment using the discussion button below. Enjoy.