David Digby

Thank you for this. When I saw that message, I was like, Oh jeez, what now!?? BAHAHHAA

Charles Robertson

If Google are serving these Ads, I don't understand what we have to do. Google chooses what is displayed, so I have no control over the type of content displayed. I am just using Ad Units, not Auto Ads…


Thanks for this, there was sparse information on how it related to Adsense.
The irony is, living in Europe whenever I go on most US sites (which are numerous), I get huge pop ups because of the whole cookie policy, so I can't even visit a site until I'm done with accepting a huge list of terms and conditions. Worst still many US sites are so paranoid at getting fined, that they totally block access to anyone from Europe trying to visit.
Better ads are all well and good, but this pop up initiative with cookies and privacy notices are killing the internet experience more.

Metin ┼×aylan

Hello Gavin, I feel exactly the same! It just ruined our internet experience.
In my opinion, the browsers should ask that to the user just once.
The next step, they will put an obligation for accepting Cookie consent popups
Do you accept our cookie consent popup? (Yes) (No)


Thank you! I was clicking around in my Adsense dashboard for a link to these better ads standards and got nothing.

Luckily I found your blog. My sites don't have any of those annoying ads, so for once I don't have to worry about it!

Prosanta Sarkar


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