This article is obsolete. Check out my lisp removal software Lisp Cleaner for a better and easier solution.

Actually acaddoc.lsp is not a virus, it is a worm depending on AutoCAD lisp routines. All it does is copying itself in every folder you open a drawing. I created a lisp routine to clean all the existences of the worm from LSP and MNL files located at the AutoCAD support folders.

Follow these steps to get rid of this worm:

  1. Download the routine:
    The lisp file is removed. Please use Lisp Cleaner to get rid of this worm.
  2. Load the lisp file using APPLOAD command
  3. The lisp file will run automatically and it will clean all the existences of the worm in your support folders.
  4. Run an antivirus or a cleaner to get rid of “acaddoc.lsp” files. Normally cleaner routine installs a simple routine in your acad20XXdoc.lsp file which automatically cleans those files but I recommend cleaning all the viruses with an anti-virus first. You can also download del-acaddoc.bat (link removed) dos batch file to clean all your drives manually. Run this batch once and it will delete all acaddoc.lsp files on your system.

NOTE: If any of the infected files in your Autocad Support folders are READONLY the cleaner won’t be able to clean those files !!

WARNING: This routine will install a routine to delete “acaddoc.lsp” files. If you somehow use acaddoc.lsp files remove the following lines from your acad20xxdoc.lsp starting with:

(setq acaddocfix t)

Please contact me if you see an error.

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