Create a Bootable SD Card for Raspberry PI

Raspberry PI comes with NOOBS operating system installer by default. But, if you want to use another OS or create an alternative desktop for another user, you will need to create a bootable SD card. In this post, I am showing you how to create a bootable SD card for Raspberry PI.

Creating a Bootable SD Card for Raspberry PI

  1. Download the operating system as an “iso” or “zip” file either from Raspberry PI downloads page, or another Linux distributor. Make sure that the OS image you are downloading is compatible with Raspberry Pi.
  2. Download Etcher software and install it on your computer. The installation of Etcher is pretty straight forward. So, I am not including its installation steps here.
  3. Run Etcher from Windows Start Menu and select your downloaded system image by clicking Select Image button.
  4. Select SD card from drive selection. Make sure your SD card size is same as the drive you just selected. Otherwise you may accidentally format another drive.
  5. Click on Flash button. This will start burning (writing) system image on to SD card. This may take a while, depending on your SD cards file transfer speed.
  6. After the progress is complete, Windows may ask you, if you want to format that drive; DON’T. Just take out the SD drive and plug it into your Raspberry PI board’s SD card slot.
  7. Your new operating system is ready, Enjoy!


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