Jekyll blogging system on Github Pages has many great features and serves your site content directly from Github servers. However, Jekyll is a static site generator and doesn’t automatically create archive indexes like WordPress does. So, I wrote a python script to create automatic tag indexes.

How does it work

Script scans all your markdown files and extracts a list of tags. Then using that tag list, it creates tag index pages if they don’t already exist. Whenever a new tag is added, script needs to be run again.

How to make it work

  • Install Github client and clone your site to your computer.
  • Install Python 3.x.
  • Install python-frontmatter by Chris Amico.
  • Put the following script to your site root directory with name

  • Fix tag_page_dir option in the script (line 3).
  • Put following code in _includes directory as loop.html:

  • Run the script.
  • Commit & push.

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