Rhino model files are generally more compact compared to other 3d modeling software files. Because rhino uses less points to define a surface. But when you save a big model it takes too much space. This is caused because of rendering meshes and materials are embedded into Rhino 3dm file. Here i will show you how to make your model files smaller.

Click Save as.. with your model open:

Under the save box you will see there are two options.

Save small

This option doesn’t save any rendering mesh into the file. If you save a file with this option rendering meshes will be re-generated upon opening the file again. So it is not practical to use this option if you are working on that file. But it is practical if you are archiving the file or if you are going to send it to a friend or client.
Save geometry only
The second option does exactly what it tells. It saves only the geometry data. No meshes nor materials are included in the file. If you are not using them or if you won’t need any materials you can use this second option to make your file smaller.

Bonus Tips

– You can use BlockManager command to clear out unused blocks in the drawing file.

– You should use SelBadObjects command to select misbehaving geometry and delete them once in a while.

I hope you liked this simple tutorial. More to come soon ;) Enjoy!