Get ready for a free online webinar about vehicle modeling using T-Splines, one of the best organic modeling plugins.

Webinar is on 4th of November starting 12pm (EST). Here are some details:

Authorized T-Splines trainer Kyle Houchens will show how to use T-Splines for freeform car designs, and T-Splines co-founder Matt Sederberg will introduce powerful timesaving tools and tips from newly released T-Splines 2.2.

Kyle Houchens, owner of The Outside Digital Art and Design and designer of over 1000 vehicles for the toy and entertainment industries, will show techniques about how T-Splines can be a timesaving tool for adding detail to a car model.

Matt Sederberg, instructor at T-Splines for Rhino training courses across the world, will show some powerful new tools available in the newly released version 2.2, and demo solutions to user-submitted questions about how to use T-Splines for vehicular design.

Register here.

T-Splines also started a challenge among the Rhino modelers. Challenge is based on modeling a vehicle part with Rhinoceros and T-Splines. Deadline is Nov, 30. You can view the challenge details here.

tspline car examples


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