A Rhinoscript file has to be loaded before run. Follow those steps to run a rhinoscript:

Rhinoscript yükleme

Select Load… below Rhinoscript under Tools menu

or enter  LoadScript to the command line

Rhinoscript Ekle

In the Load Script File window click Add..

Rhinoscript Dosyas?

Browse the script file and click Open

Yükleme tamamlanmas?

Click Close on the Load Script File window.

Loaded script will not run automatically! It will be loaded to the memory for feature use.

Script çal??t?rma

Type  Runscript to the command line.

Çal??t?r?lacak komutun seçilmesi

In the Run Script Subroutine window you will see a list of loaded subroutines.

Select the loaded script file here and then click OK.

Komut sat?r? takip edilmeli

Follow the steps that subroutine will prompt you and you will be done.

Happy modeling!