• A Rhinoscript file has to be loaded before run. Follow those steps to run a rhinoscript:

    Rhinoscript yükleme

    Select Load… below Rhinoscript under Tools menu

    or enter  LoadScript to the command line

  • Rhinoscript Ekle

    In the Load Script File window click Add..

  • Rhinoscript Dosyas?

    Browse the script file and click Open

  • Yükleme tamamlanmas?

    Click Close on the Load Script File window.

    Loaded script will not run automatically! It will be loaded to the memory for feature use.

  • Script çal??t?rma

    Type  Runscript to the command line.

  • Çal??t?r?lacak komutun seçilmesi

    In the Run Script Subroutine window you will see a list of loaded subroutines.

    Select the loaded script file here and then click OK.

  • Komut sat?r? takip edilmeli

    Follow the steps that subroutine will prompt you and you will be done.

  • Check back soon for more tutorials, free models and free scripts. 

    Happy modeling!

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