1. Draw a rotational section of the object you are going to model.

2. Use revolve command and create a 360 degree rotational surface.

Its that easy. Here is how to do it in details :


1. How to create the section:

Select Front view. Draw a curve representing cross section of the object. You can use a background using pictureframe command. 

2. Revolve :

Type revolve to the command line.

Select two points to define rotation axis. It could be easier if you do it in the front view with ortho open.

Rhino asks you starting and ending angle for the revolved surface. Default values are 0 and 360.  <0> in the command line shows current angle value and if you click enter or space it will use that value. So click space if you see <0> for the first and <360> for the second.

Here is a nice and lovely starbucks coffee cup :) mmm

Download tutorial model here: 


See if you can model those cups & bottles:

Happy modeling!

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