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8 Useful Tips To Stay Focused at Home

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Working at home has many great benefits. You don’t have to wake up too early, you can have breakfast, you can take nap after lunch and so. But there is one little problem: staying focused on your work. Here are some awesome tips for channeling yourself into your work.

1. Keep your desktop clean

Objects in your sight will distract you away from your work. So be sure to have a tidy desk first. If you don’t want to waste your time tidying, simply put everything on your desk into a box. So later on you can easily put them back. Shoe boxes are so ideal for this ;)

Not only your real desktop will distract you. Also your computer desktop should be clean. Luckily you can apply same tip for them too. Just create a new folder on your desktop, and move all the files in that folder. This will keep things minimized.

2. Less internet, more work

While working on computer close all browsers or at least most of the tabs that don’t relate to your current work. Tabbed browsing is a great gift, but it can easily become a time waste machine. Keep only one browser window open and that should be enough for all your research.

3. Keep messengers off

Social network connect us all together, but we gotta admit; If you are talking to someone else, you are not working. Close all your messenger software, and log out of facebook and twitter too. Maybe you will miss a few funny videos, but you will see a lot later.

4. Comfort yourself

A comfortable working space is a MUST. You gotta be comfortable to concentrate on your work. Make sure your working environment is ergonomic and you can easily reach everything you need while working.

On the other hand, too much comfort will make you sleep. Just enough is your key. Do not use pillows on your chair. Chairs are designed to give you enough comfort for work. If you get numb, that means you need some break that’s all :)

5. Write down your tasks

Write down your tasks

Write down your tasks

Keep a small notebook around to write down your tasks. Keep your tasks as simple as it can be. Use just a few words on your tasks; Eg. "Upload files to the site". If you are using more than 6 words, this means it gets complex. Simple tasks will keep you going. Hard ones will stress you more. Order tasks depending on your workflow. This way you can follow where you are heading.

6. Track working times

You can use one of the popular time tracking software to keep yourself focused on a single task. Toggl for example gives you opportunity to add tasks to your projects. You can start one task at a time and keep working until this simple task is finished. After you complete one task, get some rest or a little candy-break, and then continue with the next one. If you find yourself wasting too much time on something, this can be a sign for a rest.

7. Get some tunes

Music is good for motivating yourself to your work. But not all kinds. Create a playlist with songs that you like listening while working. Not all the songs are motivating, so be careful while creating this playlist. Remove any too noisey or too slow songs that may distract you more. Music is better than silence most of the times.

8. Keep your cell at silent

Don’t let your friends or contacts distract you while working. Turn off your phone for a while, or at least mute it. Focus is the master key for the success, don’t let others take it away from you. Make your important phone calls before you start working, so you won’t have to think about them later on.


Working at home has many benefits but has many problems too. Focus is one of them. In this post, i tried to give you some tips on how to keep your attention on your work. Print this post or at least write down the headings so you can see them when you work. You won’t believe how productive you will get following those simple rules.

Do you have any focus tips? Share them in your comment below.

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