Rhinoceros 5 90 day evaluation version can now be downloaded from McNeel's website. Evaluation version works for 90 days, allowing full access to all features, so you can try all software features before buying a licence:

You can download rhinoceros 5 using links below:

After 90 days of trial, saving and plug-ins will stop working, unless you buy a license. It will however still work great to learn Rhino.
Plus you can use Rhinoceros 5 Trial as a 3d model viewer for Rhino and many other file formats including 3ds, stp, iges and stl formats.

If you would like to learn using rhinoceros 5, or would like to see if the software is suitable for your 3d modeling needs, this is the perfect opportunity.

Below you can see a video about what's new on Rhinoceros 5.

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