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Disable Dell Battery Warning at System Startup

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If you are getting “Your Battery is able to charge normally. However, you may begin to notice reduced operating time because your long-term battery life is decreasing.” every time you start your laptop, you can get rid of this annoying message following the steps below.

Method 1: Services

  1. Click on the “Start” menu.
  2. Right-click on “Computer” and select “Manage“.
  3. Expand Services and Applications” and click on “Services“.
  4. Double click on “Dell System Manager Service” to open the properties page.
  5. Change the “Startup type” to “Disable” and then click on “Stop“.
  6. Click on “OK” and close the “Computer Management” window.

After rebooting the system, the message should stop showing up.

Method 2: Registry

Caution: Messing around with registry keys can cause serious harm to your system. Please proceed carefully.

If you don’t want to disable Dell System Manager Service, you can also try changing the following Registry keys:


Their default values are 0. If you log in as an administrator and change their values to 1, the message should stop showing up. If you can’t find the keys above, you can try searching “Primary_Caution” and “Primary_Replace” in the registry.

Good luck!


  • Alex Hernandez

    I have the warning at BIOS, not at windows. I don't see the option of disabling this warning inside bios.

  • Wendy Hodges

    I have a Dell Insppirion 15-3567 and its telling me that AC power afapter wattage and type be determined and also says warning can be disabled in Bios setup what can I do to fix the problem

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