Campaign links tracking is one of the most useful features in Google Analytics. It gives you insights about your users like where they come from, what their intention is. In this post, I will show you how to create campaign links.

Using the campaign link structure you can easily track;

  • Where your visitors come from,
  • What media they used,
  • What keyword they were looking for,
  • What campaign returned the user to your site

Campaign link structure accepts HTTP GET elements starting with "utm_".

Here is a sample campaign link :

As you can see campaign tags are appended at the end of the link. Each tag has a special meaning and gives you great analytics capabilities :

  • utm_source : defines referrer site,
  • utm_media : media type that channeled user to your site,
  • utm_keyword : if this link was an ad, what keyword it was displayed for,
  • utm_content : defines type of link used (image/text/flash)
  • utm_campaign : this tag defines the campaign you created.

Each campaign must have its own unique key. This way you will know which campaigns attract more visitors. Campaign links are automatically generated for AdWords ads. But if you want to build yourself some campaign links here you can find Google's campaign link creator.

If you would like to track backlinks to your site however, there is an awesome online tool for this purposes, that is called linkokay. Visit linkokay now to easily monitor your backlinks and manage your site SEO score.

I hope you found this guide useful. Follow me on twitter for more posts like this.

Happy tracking!

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