12+ Useful SQL Queries for WordPress Database Cleanup

If you are using WordPress for a long time, it is possible that you have many spam comments, revisions, transients […]

[Snippet] MySQL Function to Strip HTML Tags

Unfortunately, there is no core function to strip HTML tags from a MySQL field. But, if you really need this […]

[How to] Change Environment for ASP.NET Core on Windows

ASP.NET Core simply takes value of ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT system variable for running applications on server. On Windows, you can either add/update this […]

[How To] Fresh WordPress Installation Checklist

One click installation is certainly one of the most sweet features of WordPress. But after the installation is complete, you still need to do a lot to make it yours.

[How to] Change default WordPress title separator

Starting with version 4.4, WordPress allows you to easily change your title separator using a filter. This was previously done […]

[Gist] Python Script to Delete All Empty Folders

Windows and applications create many blank folders on your hard drive in time. And they stick even after you uninstall […]

[How to] Create bootable SD card for Raspberry PI

Raspberry PI comes with NOOBS operating system installer by default. But, if you want to use another OS or create […]

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