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Simple Living Manifest

Tips & tricks on how to simplify your life

Today while it was raining heavy, I stood by the window of our office at the 11th floor and watched people running around. Houses, concrete boxes we are living in, full of stuff we never need. Buying things, then wasting our lives to pay them. We are simply chaining ourselves to our office chairs, and then wondering why we are not happy.

In this post, I will compose a huge list of items to simplify our lives. I hope you like it! Enjoy!

Food & Nutrition

  • Eat at home
  • Eat simple, eat fresh
  • Don’t fry, don’t microwave
  • A high quality pan will be enough for most food preparations
  • Variate your courses between meat, grains, fish, salad, chicken, pasta and vegies. Mix them as appropriate.
  • Drink soup
  • Keep away from sugar or any other sweetener
  • If you can, go to grocery after eating dinner. This may be a good exercise, plus you will spend less.

Body & Health

  • Make yourself comfortable
  • Don’t sit all day
  • Wear cotton in summer, wool in winter



  • Limit your Kitchen appliances to minimum
  • Finish any packed food in a week
  • Use porcelain cups
  • Don’t stack heavy items on top shelves


  • Throw away those old razors
  • Use only one toothbrush and toothpaste. Change them bi-monthly.
  • Use a good quality soap.
  • Don’t fill your bathroom with expensive shower gels and shampoo. Yet they are colorful soap mixed with water.
  • Always use a good face towel. A Puffy towel with a nice odour will make you happy in the mornings.


  • Clear your desktop. Move all files on your desktop in a folder “Junk”
  • Delete all shortcuts (app links) on your desktop.
  • Delete any file you can download from internet.
  • Use a solid color as your wallpaper. Blue is best generally.

Cell Phones

  • Delete all SMS on your phone.
  • Remove all unnecessary apps. Most of those apps are available through internet.
  • Disable all unnecessary notifications.


  • If you can, start a new e-mail address, and only update your e-mail on banks.
  • If you can’t, unsubscribe from all your subscriptions
  • Delete all e-mails older than a year

Social Platforms

  • Keep your social accounts to minimum.
  • Twitter is enough for most situations.

NOTE: This guide is organized using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

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