Subpages Extended Widget Help


You can either enter a name for widget or your can select “Use page title as widget title” option to use parent page’s title. What is parent? It is the page you are listing subpages of.


Parent is the page you want to list subpages of. There are two relative options starting with stars. You can list subpages of current page or you can list subpages of current page’s parent. Or you can list sub pages of any page you wish. It is all in the dropdown selector.


Using this textbox, you can exclude pages from the list. You need to use page IDs, seperated by comma like: 2,3,36
If you don’t know how to get page IDs, take a look at my tutorial here.


You can list only top pages entering 1 here. -1 will display all sub pages. Or you can use any number you like.

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  1. Joe Banks says:

    In your widget configuration, the Help [?] question mark next to “Rel:” links to a non-existent anchor on this page.

    1. Hello Joe, I added definition on rel attribute. Thanks for your feedback.

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