Q: Dropdown isn’t working..
Read the troubleshooter here.

Q: Can i have more than one dropdown?
Yes you can. Actually you can use multiple widgets on your theme sidebars.

Q: My theme doesn’t have a header widget area. How can i add dropdown menu widget on my header?
You gotta use template tag. Read this tutorial for details.


Q : Can i have more than one theme at once?
Short answer: If you know CSS, yes.
Long answer: Dropdown Menu Themes are class based CSS. So, every menu you add to your site will have same theme. With current configuration you can’t select custom theme for your second menu but you can use CSS to customize your second menu. Every menu created has a unique id.

Q: Can i change dropdown colors?
Yes you can. You can either use color picker on options page OR you can use CSS to add colors to your menu.

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  1. lajamejame says:

    How to add class or id to current page? Something like adding .current if we are in the current page.

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