This plugin automatically converts hashtags (like #wordpress) to tag links, @ links to author links (like @shailan), and autolinks URIs (like [] ) to links. Some benefits of Twitterify are:

  • Linking will take less time, you will get more productive.
  • Tag links will be fine even if you change tag permalinks later on.
  • All links in the content will automatically have nofollow attributes.


  1. Download the plugin and upload it via Add New under Plugins.
  2. Activate the plugin after installation is complete.
  3. Plugin has no settings yet. It will automatically convert your hashtags, author links & URIs.


Download [imp_name] v[imp_version]

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Minimum WP Version : [imp_min_version]


Frequently Asked Questions

—Q. [imp_faq_question]
—A. [imp_faq_answer]

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  1. Bart says:

    There is a problem with “Jump Link” in a page, for exampl…
    jump forward
    ….page stuff…
    Enter Here

    Unfortunately twitterify garbles up the link. I’ve had to disable it to get links within a page to work. But then my #tags don’t get twittered. :(


  2. Kristen says:

    Hi there-

    Great plugin! Two questions for you:

    1. Is this plugin still being updated?

    2. Is there a way to have the posts be auto-tagged? I.e., right now, if I create a post with the hashtag #writing, it links to posts with the writing tag; however, if I haven’t added the links in manually, it will say that there were no posts found. Is this possible?

    Thanks and best wishes,

    1. Matt Say says:

      Hello, I haven’t updated it for a long time now. I will look into auto-tagging issue. Thanks for the comments.

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