Category Text Widget


This widget displays text/html/banners only for specific categories.

  1. Add the widget to your sidebar
  2. Paste the code to the content area
  3. Select which category it will display for.

This widget can be used to display custom menus, custom ads or custom descriptions on your sidebar. As easy as it seems.


Please visit the official wordpress plugin page to get the latest version.

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  1. peter says:


    I would like to use this widget to show per main category a small menu with it’s sub-category.
    Is this possible with this widget?
    If so, what kind of code should I enter?
    thnx for your help!

  2. kalla says:

    how do i check..
    if this plugins associate with any category in sidebar?

    actually, i want

    if(this plugins doesn’t associate on any category ) {
    do something…

    on sidebar

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