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Customizable, Easy to use jQuery powered CountDown/Up timer for your site. Includes both Widget and Shortcode!




Add jQuery count-down/count-up timers to your blog sidebar easily. Supports color customizations & multiple instances. Just drag’n drop. No coding required!

Documentation & Simple Tutorials to Get You Started:

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  1. Download the widget and upload it to your server through WP Admin -> Plugins -> Add New -> Upload
  2. After the upload is complete activate the plugin.
  3. Go to Appearance -> Widgets page, drag and drop the widget to your sidebar.
  4. Fill in the blanks as needed, and done!



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  1. Gianluca says:

    This is the best countdown for wordpress because you can customize it at all.

    Furthermore i had a problem and he helped me without making me wait, 10/10.

    Thank you again Metin.

    1. Metin Şaylan says:

      Thanks a lot. All the best.

  2. John Millis says:

    This is a great widget and does what I needed.

    However, I noticed from debug logs that is called a depreciated contructor method when extending WP_Widget, causing numerous notices in the error log.

    Near the beginning of your extension class shailan_CountdownWidget, replace;
    $this->WP_Widget(‘shailan-countdown-widget’, __(‘CountDown/Up Timer’), $widget_ops);
    parent::__construct(‘shailan-countdown-widget’, __(‘CountDown/Up Timer’), $widget_ops);

    From the WordPress code, I believe the old constructor was depreciated since version 4.3.0.
    I am using version 4.4.2.


    1. Metin Şaylan says:

      Hello john, this error is fixed but i couldn’t release it yet. It will be fixed on 2.6 version. Thanks.

  3. Carlos Hix says:


    First of all many thank for this great widget!
    I noticed that there is a limitation when using multi-language configurations: when checking for the existence of language files, the code (in ../countdown-widget.php) only considers the first two characters of the language code:

    $lang = substr( get_bloginfo(‘language’), 0, 2 );

    Thus, if the code is (for example) en_US, only the ‘en’ is considered. This many work fine for the most situations, but fails in cases like pt_BR, zh_TW, zh_CN, etc.
    In order to correct or adjust this behavior, I have changed the code as follows:

    // localization
    $lnglang = get_bloginfo(‘language’); // Long (full) language code
    $shrlang = substr( $lnglang, 0, 2 ); // Short language code (just two first letters)

    if($lang!=’en’) {
    if(file_exists( plugin_dir_path(__FILE__) . ‘js/jquery.countdown-‘ . $lnglang . ‘.js’) ){
    wp_enqueue_script(‘countdown-l10n’, plugins_url(‘js/jquery.countdown-‘ . $lnglang .
    ‘.js’,__FILE__), ‘countdown’, ‘1.0’, false);
    elseif(file_exists( plugin_dir_path(__FILE__) . ‘js/jquery.countdown-‘ . $shrlang . ‘.js’) ){
    wp_enqueue_script(‘countdown-l10n’, plugins_url(‘js/jquery.countdown-‘ . $shrlang .
    ‘.js’,__FILE__), ‘countdown’, ‘1.0’, false);

    Greetings from São Paulo / Brazil!

  4. Kevin says:

    The shortcode doesn’t seem to work anymore — even on your own site http://shailan.com/2276/how-to-add-a-countdown-to-your-post-using-shortcode/

    No matter what values I throw at it, I get 0 hours, 0 minutes, 0 seconds returned.

    1. Hello Kevin, that’s because dates on my post were past. What is the shortcode you are using can you please share here.

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