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Customizable, Easy to use jQuery powered CountDown/Up timer for your site. Includes both Widget and Shortcode!




Add jQuery count-down/count-up timers to your blog sidebar easily. Supports color customizations & multiple instances. Just drag’n drop. No coding required!

Documentation & Simple Tutorials to Get You Started:

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  1. Download the widget and upload it to your server through WP Admin -> Plugins -> Add New -> Upload
  2. After the upload is complete activate the plugin.
  3. Go to Appearance -> Widgets page, drag and drop the widget to your sidebar.
  4. Fill in the blanks as needed, and done!



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  1. kraken says:

    kewl, thanks.
    also, since your latest update (before I asked about the timzone support), the update that allowed for shortcodes on colors, that didnt work for me either.
    it didnt matter what shortcode I input, it just gave me white background and black text, no matter what color code I input.

    and the previous version before shortcodes support, I could just leave the fields empy, and it would adapt to the site and pick the background color from my site automatically, but here, it just went with white background and black text.

    couldnt get it to work properly at all :/

  2. kraken says:

    Your countdown doesnt work properly :/ It works perfect for me, showing the correct countdown time. But other people who watch my site, that are in different timezone than me, it shows timer waaay off. Like the countdown doesnt account for different timezones. Like I have it countdown to 04/03/2011 at 03:30 pm. And when it is 03:30 pm at my place, it shows the correct time on countdown, that its finished and that there is 0 days 0 minutes etc left. But for some other guy in another timezone at that exact time, it shows 3 hours left.
    when there shouldnt be. im confused :/

    1. shailan says:

      Hello Kraken, I will modify it today to add the timezone support.

  3. Mala says:

    Thanks for taking the time to check it out! I’ve switched to pulling in jquery with:
    This also fixed several other quirks I had with jquery. Thanks so much!!!

  4. Mala says:

    Hey, It looks like the tickets page is down. First off – thanks for the attractive plugin. When I drop it into the sidebar and fill in the info the counter – it just stays at 00 across the board. Is there something else you have to do to activate it other than dropping it in the widget bar and filling out the info? Thanks in advance!!!

    1. shailan says:

      Can you send me a link. I gotta see javascript code generated.

      1. Mala says:

        Hi Shailan,
        yes: http://testsite.edu.tc/blog
        I haven’t prepared the site yet for IE, so the sidebar with the counter can only be seen in ff o safari…

        Thanks in advance!

        1. shailan says:

          Hello Mala, Seems like your site has google jquery.
          You need to revert it to wordpress original jquery.
          Otherwise countdown won’t work.

  5. Matt Edwards says:

    The update fixed the background color issue, but it has now moved the “seconds” to a second level. Fix for this?

    1. shailan says:

      What do you mean second level? I just fixed CSS styling ids.

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