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Dropdown Menu Widget Update 1.5.2

I updated the dropdown menu widget plugin today. It was a huge update so I think I will get a lot of comments about the new version. This update was necessary to make it work with wordpress 3.0. While doing that I played a little with default styles & plugin itself. ***

Here is a list of things that are new with this update:

  • **Wordpress 3.0 compatible**,
  • **Support for Wordpress 3.0 navigation menus**, (Widget automatically adds your navigation menus to menu select dropdown)
  • Themes got better & simpler now,
  • Fixed background problems with themes (for example "Shiny black" theme now supports wider links),
  • **Added option to rename home link**. You can easily change your home link text from Settings -> Dropdown menu options panel,
  • **Added custom [CSS](/tag/css/) insert option**. Now you can easily add your customization without changing any files.

While updating the plugin I wanted it to be a clean version. So I removed some unused elements from the plugin. Here is a list of things I removed from the plugin,

  • Removed **Exclude Pages** plugin. This wasn't working because of meta box changes in wordpress. You can easily get this plugin from wordpress plugins.
  • Removed **inline style** option from the plugin. You can use **custom css** instead of inline styling.
  • Removed Custom Walker support for now. I may add it later on if needed.
  • Removed Blue Tabs theme because it was custom walker dependant.

I hope you won’t get hurt by those changes. And after all those changes what’s next? Here is a list of things I want to complete with the next version:

  • Easy Menu Theme Creator,
  • Custom class support,
  • A New Tabbed Menu Theme.

Now, its your turn. Just update the plugin an see if you’ll like it.

If you see a problem you can report bugs here & you can request a custom theme here.

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