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WebDesign Quality Checklist Pt.1

For success, quality is a must. So we are building our own web design quality checklist here. Make sure to follow us on improvements of the checklist.

Web Design Quality Checklist

Part1. Site Homepage


  • Does your homepage load fast enough?
  • Does it have a nice and accessible navigation to sub-pages/tags/categories.
  • Do you have a search box, and does it work?
  • Do you have a nice footer with links to sub pages/categories/tags etc.
  • Do you have a quick contact option


  • Are sharing and following (social) options clear?
  • Did you put a form for people to subscribe to your website
  • Does your homepage have a call-to-action button?


  • Do you have an H1 header tag with your main keyword?
  • Do you have sub-titles with your other keywords?
  • Do you have enough internal links?
  • Do you have a footer link to your site?


  • Are there enough ads on your homepage?
  • Does your ads located above the fold?

Want to contribute to our checklist? You can share them in the comments!

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