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Randomize posts on your archive pages

Most of the users don’t reach your second page on an archive page, so why not randomize your archive pages to get some hits for your older content.

How to make auto-embedded videos obey z-index

WordPress allows you to embed videos so easily using oEmbed. You can easily add videos to your post just pasting their URL to your post. WordPress handles all the object and embed HTML for you. But this code is missing wmode parameter which is necessary for CSS z-index to work.

How to add Google +1 button to your WordPress theme

Google plus one button makes searching social. When you click a +1 button on a site, your friends see that page on higher levels when they make a related search. Here’s how to add this button to your wordpress site.

How to exclude categories and tags from your widgets

Sometimes you may need to hide certain tags and categories from your widgets. In this post, I will explain you how to filter out unwanted terms using wordpress filters.

How to display a “Back to parent” link on your blog pages

For a better seo, and a better user experience, you can easily add a “Back to parent” link on your pages. In this post i will show you how to add it to your page templates.

How to display latest tweet on your site

To display your latest tweet on your site just add the following function in your functions.php file.

How to enable excerpts for pages

This is an old trick, but in case you missed it i am re-publishing it. This is a really simple thing to do. Just follow these steps.

Adding countdown to your theme using php

For theme designers sometimes #php is better than #shortcodes. So here i will show you how to easily add countdown widget to your theme file. You need to know some php to integrate it with your posts.

How to add a countdown to your post using shortcode

I added shortcode functionality to the wordpress countdown widget with version 2.4. Using this new update, you can add countdown timers to your posts and pages so easily. Here is how to use the shortcode.

A simple trick for testing current page using page slugs

While designing custom navigations, custom page templates, custom sidebar elements you may need to test current page. Here is a simple trick for getting current page.

How to redirect to single post page if there is one post in category/tag

Archive indexes are a good way to organize your posts, but if there is only one post in an archive page it can be just a waste of time. Here i will give you a small #snippet to jump directly to the post page.

HowTo: Use shortcodes in your theme files

Altough shortcodes are made to be used in post content, you can sometimes need it’s functionality in your wordpress theme designs. Here i will show you how to easily use any shortcode in your page templates.

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