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[PSD] Facebook Cover Photo Template

Facebook cover photos are sized 815×315 pixels. In this post, we share a nice Photoshop template, that will help you build a cover banner easily. 

HowTo: Display Author Photo Next To Search Results

This is a really simple thing to do, plus it is really cool. To display author photo next to search results, you need to define a meta property named author which links to a person page. Here is how to do it in simple words..

Popular web design font stacks, revisited

We all have some favorite fonts, but when it comes to cross-platform design, we have to choose our fonts families carefully. So I made a huge list of font stacks that suit really good. Make sure you add this list to your favorites.

CSS3 101 – What’s new in CSS3?

Cascading style sheet (CSS) is a style sheet language that helps web developers separate content of the web pages, from its design without affecting the HTML design of webpage. Backed by the W3C consortium, universal syntaxes and browser independence, CSS finds use as a global web design language.

How to Gather Content for a Website

Content collection is the most important part of designing a website and other expanded projects. It can have the highest potential for difficulties and in my experience is the single greatest delay in creating a standard business website.

Dropdown Menu Using CSS3 Transitions

With the most recent developments in the browsers, CSS shadows, transitions and animations made popular amongst web site design. So i decided to create a basic tutorial on how to create a simple dropdown menu using those brand new attributes. Let’s start!

Shailan Theme Framework – First Release

I just added first version for #shailan-theme-framework. If you wanna start designing your own #all-widget #themes, you can get the framework here : http://shailan.com/wordpress/themes/framework/

Building Campaign links for Google Analytics

Google Analytics gives you a wide range of options for analyzing your sites. One great feature i like most is the campaign links tracking. Here i will show you how to create campaign links.

Beautify your site in 3 simple steps using Google fonts

Using custom fonts in your design, you can make your design look more professional, more creative and more attractive. It all depends on your creativity and imagination. And now google makes it easier for everyone.

25+ Free Online Web Design Tools You Should Bookmark

While designing web sites, it’s necessary to have a good toolset. Not only it will save you time, it will also give you inspiration to create better site projects. In this post i will list you really useful free online tools you can use, to speed up your web design aspects.

SEO Tip: Highlight nofollow links for authors in WordPress

Hyperlinking is a tradition in blogging, but in Search Engine Optimization, every external link is a dangerous trap. As google says too many links are bad for you, on the other hand, too few is boring. So while linking to external sites you need to be careful, as it can affect your page ranking and […]

Add blog updates box to your site using rss reader script

Google Ajax API allows us to easily import rss data using javascript. Using this simple script you can add any feed updates to your web site. Not only it is practical, it also makes sites load faster compared to php based readers. RSS reader reads the feed after page load is complete so it doesn’t […]

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