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How to make auto-embedded videos obey z-index

WordPress allows you to embed videos so easily using oEmbed. You can easily add videos to your post just pasting their URL to your post. WordPress handles all the object and embed HTML for you. But this code is missing wmode parameter which is necessary for CSS z-index to work.

Rhino Basics for beginners

If you are just beginning to use Rhinoceros, you have to watch this tutorial. It is really definitive and it shows all the basic concepts about 3d modeling.

Kangaroo basics tutorial

David Piker shared an awesome tutorial on vimeo for a quickstart to kangaroo. It’s pretty basic, yet shows you what is possible with this physics engine.

Complete Rendering process using Vray

This is a basic quide for the users of Vray, explaining three major categories, Illumination, Materials, and Post Production, with ten videos total. It is based on Sketchup again but i am sure Rhinoceros users will learn a lot from this process too. Click here to visit tutorial.

How to change WordPress default embed size using filters

Embedding videos from video sites to your posts is a very simple task in WordPress. You can easily embed videos just pasting URL of the video to your posts. It automatically displays the video depending on your media settings. What if you wanted a different video size in single posts?

Virtual paper demonstration in kangaroo

This video shows a demonstration of paper simulation in Kangaroo. Shear, stretch and bending strengths can be adjusted separately for different properties.

4 şarkı

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Upcoming webinar dates from ASGVIS

The creator of the V-ray rendering system ASGVIS announced new webinar dates: Basic Exteriors in V-Ray for Rhino Thu, Aug 13, 2009 1:30 PM – 2:00 PM EDT *Webinar originally scheduled for Thursday, Aug 6.* Tips & Tricks in V-Ray for Rhino Thu, Aug 20, 2009 1:30 PM – 2:00 PM EDT V-Ray Jewelry Design […]

ASGVIS uploaded V-Ray webinar recordings!

Last month ASGVIS gave online webinars about V-Ray for Rhino and also T-SPlines. They uploaded the webinar recordings to their site. You can download them here.

How to model a headset using T-Splines for Rhino

This simple tutorial shows how to model a headset in Rhinoceros using T-Splines plugin. This design of a headphone illustrates the speed with which you can edit and manipulate surfaces with T-Splines. The commands used, such as deleting faces, extruding edges, filling holes, and extruding faces are popular techniques used in the animation industry for […]