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How to use gumball feature in Rhino5

In this quick tutorial you will learn how to use gumball feature that is available in Rhinoceros 5. Gumball simplifies commands like move, rotate and scale. You can also use gumball feature to extend, extrude faces, copy curves and extract faces of polysurfaces.

World of Internet

source: http://internetcensus2012.bitbucket.org/paper.html

How to change order of menu items

Dropdown menu widget automatically generates pages and categories menus. While generating page menu, it uses Page Order specified on Add New Page screen.

How to get page id using page slugs in wordpress

One of my visitors asked me how to get page id using page slug and i wrote a small snippet to easily achieve this in a simple loop. Follow read more link to see the snippet.

Dropdown Menu – PHP Template Tag Usage Explained

Dropdown menu widget is so easy to use as a widget, but it also supports usage of PHP template tags. Using PHP code to insert the menu, you can easily add menus to your theme as many times as you like. In this post i will give you different code snippets to add the widget […]

Video tutorial : How to create a custom dropdown menu on your site

Get dropdown menu widget here. Any thoughts? Share in the comments below..

Adding countdown to your theme using php

For theme designers sometimes #php is better than #shortcodes. So here i will show you how to easily add countdown widget to your theme file. You need to know some php to integrate it with your posts.

How to add a countdown to your post using shortcode

I added shortcode functionality to the wordpress countdown widget with version 2.4. Using this new update, you can add countdown timers to your posts and pages so easily. Here is how to use the shortcode.

How to add categories dropdown to the end of Dropdown Menu Widget

I recently added hooks to the dropdown menu widget and using those hooks you can enlarge your navigations easily. Here i will show you how to add a categories dropdown to the end of pages menu, as seen on my site.

Customizing countdown widget using CSS

Countdown widget’s latest version is working on jquery. So it is not a flash movie anymore. You can customize its appearance easily using CSS. In this simple tutorial i will show you how to create a new year theme for countdown widget.

How to change dropdown menu depth and order using filters

With the 1.5.8 release, I added dropdown_menu_defaults filter to the dropdown menu widget, so anyone can edit dropdown menu defaults so easily. Here in this post I will show you how to change depth and page order using this filter.