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Twitterify plugin now available from wordpress.org

Twitterify #plugin is now available from wordpress.org. You can install it using search on your admin panel, or you can download it here.

Superfish Dropdown Menu Update v1.1

Just released v1.1 for the Superfish Dropdown Menu. Home, login and admin links were appearing on the menus even if unchecked. This is fixed with the version 1.1. Get the latest version of the plugin here: Superfish Dropdown Menu widget or you can automatically update it via update manager on your site.

Superfish dropdown menu update

Fixed superfish dropdown menu widget problems now. Also added option for hiding menu shadows. Get the latest version here.

Twentyeleven theme minor fixes

I made some minor fixes to twentyeleven theme. Now it works fine with dropdown menu widget. Download the new version here : [download id=”22″]

Introducing dropdown menu effects

With the 1.6 update finally added jQuery effects to the dropdown menu widget. This version also brought many other features like, auto-recognizing dropdown.css in theme folder, specifiying an external theme URL, options for removing link titles and removing links from top-level categories.

Subpages Extended : Sorting your pages list with shortcode

Subpages Extended allows you to create dynamic sub-page indexes on your wordpress blog. Using its powerful shortcode “Subpages Extended : Sorting your pages list with shortcode” doesn’t have any sub pages. you can easily generate page indexes. Here i will show you how to sort your pages.

WordPress security update

As we were counting down to WordPress 3.1, WordPress 3.0.4 is released. This new version is an hot-fix for XSS vulnerabilities in the KSES library. So you better update your sites to this version soon. Read more : WordPress version 3.0.4 details.

Subpages Extended update

Subpages Extended for wordpress allows you easily list subpages of a page using either its shortcode “Subpages Extended update” doesn’t have any sub pages. or using Subpages widget. New updated version also allows you automatically insert sub-page indexes on empty pages.

Facebook Meta Tags update

Just updated facebook metatags plugin to work with new sharing meta tags. This plugin automatically adds required Open Graph Protocol tags to your site header. So when someone clicks facebook share or like button on your site, the page title, summary & thumbnails will be correct. Click here to read details and download..

WordPress Countdown Widget 2.0

Wordpress countdown widget 2.0 is ready. This is a whole new widget based on jQuery. Unlike previous version this new version is more customizable and soon it will have more options than flash version. Read more to see what’s new with this version.

New wordpress plugin : Adsense widget

Today i submitted my new plugin to wordpress plugins repository. But meanwhile i am adding it to be downloaded via my site. I introduce you the most simple adsense widget!