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Facebook Meta Tags plugin update 0.5

New version (0.5) for Facebook Meta Tags plugin is here. In this new version I fixed several issues, including no-thumbnail error for pages, errors in page excerpts and thumbnail size problems in sharing. I also added a plugin options page. You can easily setup default logo URL, admins for your site and an App ID […]

New WordPress Plugin : WP-Lock

WP-Lock locks down your blog for unrestricted access so that only registered users can access content on your site. It redirects unregistered users to login screen. It is very useful if you want to write a private blog. Read more on plugin page.

z-Index Fix plugin for WordPress

I recently published a snippet to fix z-index issues on auto-embedded videos. With recent changes in embed codes (eg.youtube), I decided to create a small plugin to fix this issue. You can download z-Index Fix plugin here.

Shailan Theme Framework 3.2 Released

Shailan Theme Framework is a complex base theme with many great features. It has two header widget areas for menus, two sidebars and 3 footer columns. It supports post formats that was introduced with WordPress 3.1. It works perfect with Dropdown Menu Widget and Adsense Widget. It has a flexible layout. Content and sidebar widths […]

Twitterify 1.2beta

Just released 1.2beta version of Twitterify plugin. Twitterify allows you to easily create hash tags, @ author links and auto-link url‘s easily without any html code. It is perfect for micro-blogs. The new update has an options page and it allows you to hide/show hash symbols. You can also select where to link hashtags now: […]

Dropdown Menu Widget 1.7.1 hotfix

With the 1.7 release of dropdown menu widget, i changed the whole options page interface. Apparently i forgot to edit the template tag support for the new interface, that’s why sites using the template tag were displaying vertical menus instead of horizontal. I fixed this issue with 1.7.1 version. Please update your plugin now to […]

Adsense Widget 1.6 Updates

Just released new version for the Adsense Widget. This new version comes with many useful options including color scheme editor in the options panel, hiding ads for users, displaying placeholders for admins while viewing the site. Read more for details and screenshots.

Feedburner’s new interface in beta

Just realized Google changed feedburners interface. It is quite similar to Adsense’s which changed a few months ago. Although i like some functionality added with the new interface, i think old interface was more compact and attractive. What do you think?

Twitterify update 1.1

Fixed autolinking of URIs inside code. With the 1.1 update, #twitterify will only auto-link URIs with a space or new line in front. This will prevent auto-linking of URIs inside code areas.

Dropdown Menu Widget update 1.6.3

In this update i fixed dropdown menu arguments problem. Now you can easily add multiple menus using the following syntax.

WordPress 3.1 is here. Yay!

WordPress 3.1 is here at last, thanks to all #wordpress developers. I was waiting for it so long. So what is new with this new version? Here is a summary of what you need to know.

Subpages Extended Update 1.3.4

I updated #subpages-extended to output links with rel attributes now. If you want to list #subpages using rel=nofollow simply add it to the Rel text area in the widget options form. For the ones using the shortcode version, you can simply add rel=”nofollow” to the shortcode. See a list of available shorcodes options here.