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How to add categories dropdown to the end of Dropdown Menu Widget

I recently added hooks to the dropdown menu widget and using those hooks you can enlarge your navigations easily. Here i will show you how to add a categories dropdown to the end of pages menu, as seen on my site.

HOWTO: Add script to your theme using wp_enqueue_script

TO add a javascript file to your theme its easy to use header.php in your theme folder. However if there are plugins using same script libraries (like jquery, scriptaculous ) it may cause errors. Here i will show you how to add javascripts to your theme in a safe way using wp_enqueue_script.

How to display Nextgen Gallery using php

Nextgen Gallery is a perfect gallery plugin for wordpress. I use it most with my wordpress theme projects. Here i will show you how to display nextgen gallery using php code in your page templates.

How to get your site back when it stuck in maintenance mode

Automatic update is a great feature within wordpress. But sometimes it can get stuck if you navigate away from the update process. This may seem a huge trouble, but fixing is quite simple. To get your site back to normal, all you need is an FTP access to your site’s root.

Adding jquery tooltips to your wordpress theme

To use a jquery plugin within your wordpress site you need to load jquery manually along with the jquery script files. In this step by step tutorial i will explain you how to add a simple jquery tooltip plugin to your site.

Tutorial : Combining multiple shortcodes in wordpress

You can create shortcodes for any function in wordpress. It’s so easy to create one and also so functional. In this post i will show you how to use a shortcode in another shortcode.

How to install wordpress using wordpress downloader script

If you don’t have a script installer on your server and you need to install wordpress manually, it can be a pain to upload wordpress files to your webhosting server one-by-one via ftp. In this post, I will show you how to install wordpress with my wordpress downloader script.

How to hide members only content in your posts

In wordpress there are many ways to hide your members only content. You can either install a plugin to hide your posts, or you can create password protected posts that only members can access. But there is another way; Shortcodes. Here i will explain you how to hide members only content in an easy way..

Adding a simple admin menu to dropdown menu widget

Recently i added some action hooks to dropdown menu widget. Using those hooks you can easily add menu items to the menu and also subscribe buttons or search boxes. Here in this step by step tutorial i will show you how to add a simple administration menu to your dropdown widget.

HOWTO: Dropdown Menu Using WP Menus

Now you can use WP3 Custom menus with dropdown menu widget to create custom menus on your site!

[LIST] 5 Ways to Create a Private WP Blog

SAY you want a private blog to post your secrets OR make your blog available for the registered users only. In this post i will show you how you can easily turn wordpress into a private blog.

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