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Adsense: How to increase average cost per click (CPC)

http://www.dailyblogmoney.com/must-read-how-to-increase-adsense-cpc-simple-tips http://www.famousbloggers.net/increase-cpc-google-adsense.html http://adsense.blogspot.com.tr/2011/03/dos-and-donts-to-increase-cost-per.html http://docs.oseems.com/general/web/adsense/increase-cpc

Google Adsense Optimization

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Speed up your website using .htaccess file

.htaccess is a magic file that tells apache to how to serve files in a directory. It is the most common also the best way to speed up your website. One of the most important factor in page loading speed, is that

How to enable post thumbnails for pages

In the new versions of wordpress this would be enabled by default, plus most themes enable it. But if your theme doesn’t have post thumbnail feature for pages, you can easily enable this feature by adding the following code to your functions.php file..

8 Useful Tips To Stay Focused at Home

Working at home has many great benefits. You don’t have to wake up too early, you can have breakfast, you can take nap after lunch and so. But there is one little problem: staying focused on your work. Here are some awesome tips for channeling yourself into your work.

Top 5 WordPress permalink structure for SEO

WordPress permalink structure allow us to create Search Engine Friendly page URLs in an easy way. But this structure should fit your SEO needs, otherwise it may lead to worse Search Engine Ranks. Here i will show you 5 different permalink structures for different needs.

How to enable comments for all posts in wordpress

I had a problem with my blog recently that some plugin was disabling comments for older posts. Editing one-by-one and enabling comments back is a pain i know. Here is a simple function you can put in your functions.php to enable comments for all posts at once.

Opening external links in a new window using jQuery

Using external for rel attribute on a link, you can specify that the link is outside of the current site. This attribute is commonly used for SEO and styling options. And to open a link in a new window when user clicks it you can use target attribute. What if you wanted all external links […]

Speed up your page load times with lazyload

Lazyload is a jQuery plugin delaying load of images that are out of users sight. This way your page’s visible area is loaded faster.

Changing adsense colors to fit your theme

Adsense widget is so easy to use and add ads on your wordpress blog. But there is one missing part. Colors?! Wrong. With adsense widget you can change colors in two different ways. Here i will show you how to change your ad colors for your theme.

SEO Tip: Highlight nofollow links for authors in WordPress

Hyperlinking is a tradition in blogging, but in Search Engine Optimization, every external link is a dangerous trap. As google says too many links are bad for you, on the other hand, too few is boring. So while linking to external sites you need to be careful, as it can affect your page ranking and […]

Adding “nofollow” option to WordPress add link page

With default wordpress add link page you are not allowed to type into the rel input box. Since nofollow is popular now one of my clients requested this option to be added to the add link feature.