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How to remove WordPress dashboard widgets

WordPress dashboard is a collection of tools that gives you quick acess to most used areas of your blog. It also acts as a feed reader for latest wordpress news and latest plugins.

How to make permalinks work on localhost installations

For WordPress permalink structure to work, your wamp installation must have mod_rewrite module enabled. To enable the module, simply find your httpd.conf file, search for mod_rewrite and remove the hash (#) in front of the line. Save your configuration file and restart apache. Voila! Permalinks are working now. see also: How to change permalinks under […]

How to change order of menu items

Dropdown menu widget automatically generates pages and categories menus. While generating page menu, it uses Page Order specified on Add New Page screen.

WordPress nasıl türkçe yapılır

Öncelikle site kök klasöründe wp-config.php dosyasını açın. define(‘WPLANG’, ”); satırını define(‘WPLANG’, ‘tr_TR’); olarak değiştirin. Panelde Dashboard> Updates tıkladıktan sonra, Re-install seçeneğine tıklayın. Gerekliyse FTP bilgilerini soracaktır. Güncellemeden sonra WordPress kurulumunuz türkçe hale gelir.

Remove unwanted “Uncategorized” links from your posts

Categories are a great way to organize your posts. If you don’t want to categorize a post and leave category field blank, WordPress uses default category for the post. Here, we will show you a simple trick to remove “Uncategorized” links from your posts.

How to redirect 404 hits to your blog home page

A regular website, gets about 10-15% not found hits in a month. If you can’t handle those hits in a good way, visitors will leave your site with dissapointment. Of course, a custom, well organised 404 page is the best way to handle them, but you can also redirect them to your home page for […]

WordPress 3.6 First Impressions

WordPress Team released beta version of WordPress 3.6 for theme and plugin developers to test their products. I have installed it to my local server and took a few snapshots for you to see new features along with the new theme twenty thirteen.

HowTo: Find out which template is used by WP

Templating is a great feature of WordPress blogging system. If you want to build a CMS system using WordPress, you will be using lots of them. You can use different templates for each category, tag, page, etc. But sometimes this gets confusing. In this post I will give you a simple snippet to find out […]

HowTo: Replace WordPress self hosted jQuery with Google jQuery

If your hosting server is not fast enough, you may want to replace your self-hosted #jquery with google cdn hosted jquery. You may think that you are not using that script anyways, but most of your #plugins do.

HowTo: Change number of posts displayed on Search

WordPress usually use a constant number of posts for all your category pages, index, and also search results pages. For search pages, 10 posts are not usually enough. To change this behaviour, a simple query filter will do the trick.

mybb Last Topics Plugin for WordPress

With this WordPress plugin, you can display your latest mybb forum posts on your WordPress site.

New WordPress Theme: Orange3

We just published a new wordpress theme: Orange3. This new theme is quite similar to our framework theme, but it is more simpler and more intelligent. Although it is quite simple, it has many great features including header widget areas, SEO, Adsense, Shortcodes, post thumbnail feature, options page, custom background support and more. Read more […]