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Codex: SEO For WordPress SEO tips from Yoast Top 5 WordPress Permalink Structures for SEO Optimizing WordPress tags Importance of keywords and key phrases in SEO Analysis

WebDesign Quality Checklist Pt.1

For success, quality is a must. So we are building our own web design quality checklist here. Make sure to follow us on improvements of the checklist.

Improving site response time using front-end optimization and Varnish

Site response time is really important for both user experience and also SEO. Here we share some tips provided by Kim Stefan Lindholm on SlideShare. First slide gives some tips about front-end optimization for websites. The second one, explains how to set up Varnish to act as a CDN on linux platforms.

Importance of keywords and key phrases in SEO Analysis

Do you know how to promote your online business? Yes, you have come at right place. Every individual who has some knowledge about online businesses, would know that simply the existence of a beautiful website isn’t enough.

How to Gather Content for a Website

Content collection is the most important part of designing a website and other expanded projects. It can have the highest potential for difficulties and in my experience is the single greatest delay in creating a standard business website.

Book Review : WordPress 3 for Business Bloggers

For many beginners wordpress may seem way too complicated than other blogging platforms. If you are new to blogging or if you want to upgrade your site to a better one you may need a good resource to find your way. Here WordPress 3 for Business Bloggers comes to help you out.

SEO Tip : How to add post category to document title

For a good SEO you need the right keywords in your title. Not too much but the most relative ones. We all use categories on our blog. And those make great keywords. But do we use their power for SEO in a right way? Here I will show you how to add category to your […]

Top 5 WordPress permalink structure for SEO

WordPress permalink structure allow us to create Search Engine Friendly page URLs in an easy way. But this structure should fit your SEO needs, otherwise it may lead to worse Search Engine Ranks. Here i will show you 5 different permalink structures for different needs.

How to display a “Back to parent” link on your blog pages

For a better seo, and a better user experience, you can easily add a “Back to parent” link on your pages. In this post i will show you how to add it to your page templates.

SEO Tip: Highlight nofollow links for authors in WordPress

Hyperlinking is a tradition in blogging, but in Search Engine Optimization, every external link is a dangerous trap. As google says too many links are bad for you, on the other hand, too few is boring. So while linking to external sites you need to be careful, as it can affect your page ranking and […]

Adding “nofollow” option to WordPress add link page

With default wordpress add link page you are not allowed to type into the rel input box. Since nofollow is popular now one of my clients requested this option to be added to the add link feature.

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