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BlockRanger: All-hexahedral, Mapped grid/Mesh Generation Software

BlockRanger is a fully interactive, volume mesh generation plug-in for the Rhinoceros 5.0 3D CAD system.  BlockRanger converts Rhino 5 solids into blocks of high-quality hexahedral (brick) elements for use with most engineering analysis packages that require hexahedral meshing and a strict control of element quality, spatial distribution, and orientation. http://www.itascacg.com/software/blockranger

A new RhinoTuts.com is on its way!

RhinoTuts.com is now for sale. Since I don’t have time to update it anymore, I decided to sell it to someone who can make it a more useful and more active website. If you are interested in buying it please send me a mail using: sale@rhinotuts.com

Export polyline points rhinoscript now available!

Export polyline points rhinoscript, exports points of a polyline in order. Rhinoceros has a feature to export points as a points file. But those points are not always in correct order. Export polyline points script allows you to choose your own order in point exports. Just draw a polyline connecting dots in the correct order […]

Rhinoceros Scan&Solve Documentation

Scan&Solve is meshless FEA analysis plugin for Rhinoceros. You can view its documentation here.

Some recent renders of new type patrol boat

Modeling of New Type Patrol Boat for Radar Cross Sections analysis. Modeled in Rhinoceros, rendered using Flamingo nXT.

Rhinoceros ve Gemi Tasarımı Sunumu

10 Kasım 2009’da Yıldız Teknik Üniversitesi’nde, Tasarım ve Üretim konulu seminerde yaptığım “Rhinoceros ve gemi tasarımı” konulu sunumu aşağıdan indirebilirsiniz:

Grasshopper Workshop : Data Matching

This is the thrid video from the 3-Day Workshop at Virginia Tech. It covers how Grasshopper handles data matching amongst many other things. Fair warning, they were testing the fire alarms during the recording and you can hear them going off around minute 5 and minute 10, pretty funny.