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Convergence Animation of a Propeller CFD Analysis

Video shows convergence of a steady-case propeller CFD analysis using OpenFoam. Propeller designed by Milper Propeller Tech is analyzed using coarse mesh settings in OpenFoam. Design: PropDesign (internal software) Analysis: OpenFoam Duration: 20 minutes!

Hess-Smith Panel Method


Basic Principles of Ship Propulsion – MAN

Basic Principles of Ship Propulsion

Propeller Design Resources

Angle Of Attack

Feathered propellers for flexibility

Tobias Huuva of Berg Propulsion explains how the flexibility and efficiency of twin- and multi-screw ships can be enhanced by feathering propellers. Many ships are today equipped with a single screw propulsion system, but with stronger demand for increased efficiency, flexibility and redundancy, designers and owners are looking towards multi screw propulsion systems. With a […]


Professor S.A. Kinnas Homepage


Hydrofoil Flow Applet


Computational tools for the analysis and design of high-speed propulsors

NuTTS – Numerical Towing Tank Symposium Downloads


Interactive Optimization Programs for Initial Propeller Design by Richard Biven

This thesis presents two methods for initial design propeller optimization using constrained non-linear programming. The process uses the Nelder-Mead simplex algorithm. The Wageningen B-series optimal propeller selection is presented along with the combined annular momentum theory and blade element theory optimization. Both techniques require preliminary hull and engine design characteristics, but do not necessitate extensive […]

Aspects of The Design Procedure for Propellers Providing Maximum Bollard Pull

Aspects of The Design Procedure for Propellers Providing Maximum Bollard Pull Martes P., Heinke HJ. http://www.schottel.de/fileadmin/data/pdf/eng/eng_aspects_of_design.pdf

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