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MIT Museum : Hart Nautical Collections


Some recent renders of new type patrol boat

Modeling of New Type Patrol Boat for Radar Cross Sections analysis. Modeled in Rhinoceros, rendered using Flamingo nXT.

NTPB over the waves

Modeling of New Type Patrol Boat for advertisements and posters. Modeled in Rhinoceros. Edits and background in Photoshop.

Ship Trails

My two favorite things, Stars and a ghost ship on the same picture! Amazing!

2nd Tuzla Class Patrol Boat delivered today!

2nd boat of Tuzla Class Patrol Boats delivered today. Built by DEARSAN

Marine Engineering Library

http://libramar.net/ – Maritime Library

Maxsurf shared webinar videos for intact stability in hydromax

Formsys just uploaded Maxsurf Hydromax tutorials on youtube. There are 8 videos on this set. You can watch them here. You can also grab the webinar presentation (pdf) file here.

Eski gemi çizimleri

Daha fazlası için: http://link.library.utoronto.ca/hollar/browse.cfm?Main=4&SubClass=4-5 http://collections.tepapa.govt.nz/Search.aspx?advanced=colProProductionMakers:%22Hollar,+Wenceslaus%22+colCollectionGroup:CH

Rhinoceros ve Gemi Tasarımı Sunumu

10 Kasım 2009’da Yıldız Teknik Üniversitesi’nde, Tasarım ve Üretim konulu seminerde yaptığım “Rhinoceros ve gemi tasarımı” konulu sunumu aşağıdan indirebilirsiniz: