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Atom: A hackable text editor for 21st century

Atom is a code editor developed by the creators of Github. It is minimal and supports installation of many extension packages, speeding your development processes. Download Atom Code Editor here..

Ghost Resources

Ghost.js Installing Ghost Setting up Ghost on DigitalOcean Installing Ghost on Mac

HOWTO: Add script to your theme using wp_enqueue_script

TO add a javascript file to your theme its easy to use header.php in your theme folder. However if there are plugins using same script libraries (like jquery, scriptaculous ) it may cause errors. Here i will show you how to add javascripts to your theme in a safe way using wp_enqueue_script.

Add blog updates box to your site using rss reader script

Google Ajax API allows us to easily import rss data using javascript. Using this simple script you can add any feed updates to your web site. Not only it is practical, it also makes sites load faster compared to php based readers. RSS reader reads the feed after page load is complete so it doesn’t […]